Let's Talk Tea

We source our artisan teas from experts who have direct relationships in the countries in which teas are grown, while working closely with great farmers who love their teas as much as we do. These farmers are in eight countries in three continents: Africa, Asia, and South America. Our fresh green and black teas come directly from farmers in China, India, Japan, and Sri Lanka, while our herbal teas come from farmers in Egypt, South Africa, and Argentina. Our fresh Oolong tea comes from Taiwan.

We hope that you enjoy our special teas which are lovingly cultivated.

  • A couple are having tea together.

    Giving Lovingly

    One Another seeks to encourage you to experience the joy of being together and serving others. In a culture where independence is sometimes glorified, our mission is to reinforce the concept of sharing around a cup and caring for those around us who are marginalized and unseen.

  • Authentically Sourced

    Our teas are sourced from farms with genuine people in eight countries who artisanally preserved and passed down their farming techniques from generation to generation to bring to you their finest and lovingly cultivated teas.

  • Safety Matters

    All the teas that we purchase are thoroughly inspected upon their arrival in the US to ensure they comply with the US safety standards for pesticide use set by the FDA. Not only this, but they also meet the more stringent requirements mandated by the EU. 

  • Freshness to Your Cup

    To ensure safety, freshness and taste are not sacrificed. These two factors remain our key criteria when selecting or blending our teas. Therefore, it is our commitment to offer completely safe and fresh and flavorful teas without neglecting either of these important factors.